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The Power of Thought: Lessons from the Observation of a Logo

Since I started spreading the message of my business and vision, I have also been getting a fair share of inquisitive remarks at first glance of my logo.  So far I have been hearing 3 main questions:

1. "Why is he lifting a big box over his head?"
2. "Oh wow, you’re all about lifting heavy stuff huh?"
3. "Shouldn't the guy be standing straighter and more even?"

The first question is a direct and unassuming one.  I don't mind getting asked in a way that might sound dumb to some.  It's actually like saying "Tell me about this thing here, I am interested in hearing your perspective."

That’s a beautiful way of communicating in my opinion.  It demonstrates that they have an open mind and are willing to learn.

The second question is one that assumes that I am all about one thing only; getting as strong as possible or doing what many adolescent males speak of: getting huge.

That type of question hits me almost as annoyingly as a low blow during a sparring session. To hear someone mention that you and your business are one-dimensional sometimes makes you want to toss the gloves and bring out the fisticuffs!

Then you realize that perhaps the person is still young and is only speaking according to how they tend to think about things in general, their inherited thought pattern.

That notion then scares me.  I feel I have to educate that person on the many aspects of personal training and all that trainers are actually capable of helping others achieve for themselves.  Then I pray they can let go of their close-mindedness and seek higher levels of understanding of the things around them.

The third question is one that shows me how some people keep an ideal or “perfection” in their head that usually involves symmetry.  From what I have observed, they are the same people who are very hard on themselves for not being the way they desire and carry a negative vibe from none other than negative thoughts.

Those are the people I would love to get free of that thought pattern.  I was once there and I know how awful it is.

The message hammered home from observing people’s responses to my company logo is that you can't please them all, and you can't get your intentions through to everyone from a mere image.  Sounds cliché, I know, but the truth behind it is that people are in different thought patterns, preoccupations, solidified beliefs, mental states, and realities everywhere you go and at any given time... it's like a world of mental chaos out there.

And it’s probably worse than it has ever been.

Why bother with any of this psychoanalysis?

 Well first I will mention that it has helped me understand how to approach others as a coach for the sake of their benefit.

For example, the people who asked question number one are more open minded and will likely be easy to coach with less obstacles to overcome and good self learning.

The people who asked question number two will likely require more explanation, from different perspectives, and expected to have less retention.

The people behind question number three probably require being shown the bright side of things in life and given gentle motivation in order to open up.  These are just three classical examples but there can be many others and variations or blends.

Making observation of people’s reaction was also to point out something crucial about the reality of life.  One of my present beliefs since I have shaken free from a past of fear, guilt, and depression is that we are all in total control of our own reality through the way we think.

In other words, there is no such thing as an objective or universal reality, but rather an unlimited number of realities.  That means that our own observation of reality, changes reality.  Thought is just that powerful.

The reality of life for in each of our minds is believed to be a certain way based on all of the experiences we each have had and memory we have created.  It is easy then to believe that life is that certain way and can only be that certain way.  But we shouldn’t, because it isn’t.

Even the relationship between energy, time, and space is not truly understood... for all we know, a change in thought here could displace particles over there to a new position.

Life is what we make it... with our thoughts.  Thought is a good thing in terms of interacting, learning and adapting, but thought can equally be a bad thing in all the same avenues if it traps us.

Thought is what creates associations of ideas which may possibly block understanding.  How?
The block arises from getting confused and not understanding something.  The mind then gets a negative emotion and creates a negative thought towards that thing and it is then avoided.

This brings me back to my logo...

Do you see how the man is holding up a black box over his head?  Well the intention was not to have a flashy logo that makes people say “Cool! He’s so buff.”, but rather a symbol that means something of value to anyone out there.  Let’s observe this thing together...

The Black Box of Mystery

In science and engineering, the black box is the mysterious device that is viewed in terms of its inputs and output results but not understood in terms of its inner workings.  It is a thing of confusion that is there and serves important functions in certain processes.

The inner workings of the human body and even the so called "secrets to health and fitness" today are direct examples of that black box.  People don't understand how it all works so they give up trying the processes associated with it.  A crucial thing to grasp before reading on is that fitness success does not work one way for everyone, it is very much a personal thing dependent on you and what's going on with you.

My point in including a black box and placing it in the man's hands overhead was not about lifting up a heavy box!  It wasn't even about lifting!  It was to say that you can still reach a desired condition by simply experimenting with your inputs to the body and observing the outcomes, without ever knowing what really happened inside of you.

That is, MASTERING a process with the box involved and achieving MASTERY of your being.  Do not let the black box be a block, use it in the way you must with an open mind, and in a sense remove that block out of your way.

Do you see how the man is easily holding the seemingly heavy black box and even walking with it?  He has mastered the process and himself... and it wasn't even that hard for him.  He has found the key to having Limitless Fitness and it was attained “through” the black box – hence the abbreviation, LF, is sitting inside the box.

The science doesn't really matter, but being a bit of a scientist does!  You simply have to remove the negative thoughts and understand that a part of life is keeping an opening mind to learn through experimentation.  Experimenting in a controlled manner so you can at least test and observe which change caused a result.

You don’t know how to exercise, eat well, or think right to get fit the way you want?  So what!  You don’t have to know exactly how.  Try by doing something instead of nothing and DO NOT QUIT.

Do even better by seeking the help of a qualified and successful coach in that field.  Let them help guide you through the process from their own experience to avoid injury and serious mistakes.  Then it won't be that hard.  What matters most is that you remain OPEN MINDED to try and LEARN.

Learn from what you have tried and use what you have found to work for you. APPLY your knowledge. Forget about using the exact methods you have already done that did not work – that’s serious mistake number one and leads you towards insanity.

You can actually achieve personal SUCCESS by not even understanding the internal workings of your body or the “fitness secrets”.  Remember to try out new things in a timely experimental manner and applying what you have learned to work.  Before that you need to have positive thoughts, including motivation, trust, and hope, to embark on an experiment.  Simultaneous with that is removing the negative, fearing, and doubting mind that blocks you.

LEARN. APPLY. SUCCEED.  That is the summarized process using the black box towards self mastery.  It is the slogan of my company and is associated with the Limitless Fitness symbol and logo.

The Mission Behind The Symbol

You now understand my intentions behind the symbol I use for the Limitless Fitness logo.  I hope you can now see that it has everything to do with you and all of us.  It has to do with awareness.  Here is the mission statement which says it all.

The Mission: to increase awareness of self to each client in order to remove limitations and achieve mastery of mind, emotions, and body. Total empowerment.

Observing Yourself: Finding Your Limits

You have observed others and the way they think through the questions they ask and the statement they make in interactions.  Now consider doing the following observation of yourself:

Have you ever sat quietly and observed your own thought and thought patterns?  Have you noticed how you look at objects, nature, and people around you, or how you respond to an interaction with someone?

Observe from a neutral and non-judging manner.  Sit and observe it as though you are watching a movie, your thoughts being the actors.  Do you see how your mind reacts and the activities it goes through?

If you have not done so, then I urge you to try it.  You will learn a great deal about yourself and others. You will in essence be observing the black box which is your mind and which is society.

Do you see any obstacles present in the way you think?  Obstacles that control you, stop you, or take you away from that which you truly desire to be, or to have?

You now know the black box that stands in your way.

What will you need to do now, differently than before, to get that which you truly desire?

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